people.jpgPeople en Español has released the 2007 list of Los 50 Mas Bellos (The 50 Most Beautiful), and we have to say that we are both enlightened and disappointed. What would you like, the good news or bad news first?

The Good News
For a few years it seemed that the same people always made the cut. This year we have a fresh new group of faces on the list and overall we feel like the folks at People en Español did well. Our hats off to the staff who worked hard at making this list happen.

The Bad News:
Look at the cover of the mag. Notice something odd? That’s right. That lady to the right in the green dress is Beyonce – as in ‘Not a Latina Beyonce’. While we admit that she is a beautiful girl and has tremendous talent, we can’t help but to point out that she does not belong on this list.

Los 50 Mas Bellos
is our turn to celebrate our people and now we have Beyonce on the list (not to mention the cover) based solely on the fact that she is marketing herself to Latinos (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C), when we could be highlighting another Latino instead.

Bad mistake, Peter. Don’t be a pawn in someone’s marketing strategy. Let’s not have this happen again.

The full list of Los 50 49 Mas Bellos after the jump.

Adamari Lopez
: Puerto Rican actress, Bajo las riendas del amor (Univision)
Alejandro Fernandez: Mexican singer
Alfonso Herrera: Mexican actor and singer, RBD
America Ferrera: Actress, Ugly Betty (ABC)
Ana Ortiz: Actress, Ugly Betty (ABC)
Angelica Vale: Mexican actress, La fea más bella (Univision)
Anthony Santos: Dominican singer, Grupo Aventura
Barbara Bermudo: Televisión Personality, Primer impacto (Univision)
Beyonce Knowles: Actress and singer, Dreamgirls
Bobby Pulido: Mexican singer
Candela Ferro: Television Personality, Decisiones (Telemundo)
Carlos Ponce: Puerto Rican actor, Dame chocolate (Telemundo)
Carmen Dominicci: Television Personality, Primer impacto (Univision)
Chayanne: Puerto Rican singer
Christian Meier: Peruvian actor, Zorro: la espada y la rosa (Telemundo)
Dulce Maria: Mexican actress and singer, RBD
Eduardo Cruz: Spanish singer
Eduardo Yanez: Mexican actor, Destilando amor (Univision)
Fernando del Rincon: Television Personality, Primer impacto (Univision)
Francisco Gatorno: Cuban actor, La viuda de Blanco (Telemundo)
Giselle Blondet: Television personality, Nuestra belleza latina (Univision)
Gloria Trevi: Mexican singer
Ilia Calderon: Television personality, Primer impacto: Fin de semana (Univision)
IssabelaCamil: Mexican actress
Ivana Baquero: Spanish actress, El laberinto del fauno
Jackie Guerrido: Television personality, Primer impacto (Univision)
Jaime Camil: Mexican actor, La fea más bella (Univision)
Jennifer Lopez: Actress and singer
Jerry Rivera: Puerto Rican singer
Jose Reyes: Shortstop (New York Mets)
Julieta Venegas: Mexican singer
Karla Martinez: Television personality, Despierta América (Univision)
Ludwika Paleta: Mexican actress, Duelo de pasiones (Univision)
Mario Lopez: Actor and television personality, Extra weekend edition
Marisa del Portillo: Television personality, Escándalo TV (Telefutura)
Marlene Favela: Mexican actress, Zorro: la espada y la rosa (Telemundo)
Natalia Jimenez: Spanish singer, La 5ta. Estación
Natalie Morales: Television personality, Today Show (NBC)
Ninel Conde: Mexican actress and singer, Rebelde (Univision)
Penelope Cruz: Spanish actress, Volver
Rene Perez: Rggaeton singer, Calle 13
Ricky Martin: Puerto Rican singer
Rodrigo Santero: Brazilian actor, Lost (ABC)
Salma Hayek: Actress and producer, Ugly Betty (ABC)
Santiago Cabrera: Chilean actor, Heroes (NBC)
Sara Ramirez: Mexican actress, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
Sergio Mayer: Mexican actor, La fea más bella (Univision)
Shaila Durcal: Spanish singer
Thalia: Mexican actress and singer
Tito Ortiz: Ultimate Fighting Champion, The ultimate fighter 3 (Spyke TV)
Zuleyka Rivera: Miss Universe 2006

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