lady+100+pesosLorena Daniela Aguirre, AKA Lady 100 Pesos, is sorry.

The young Mexican girl became a viral star after a video was published of her getting arrested after crashing into three cars while drunk – and trying to get out of the situation by bribing the police.

First, she said she is sorry and that she made a mistake just like any other human. She is embarrassed and regrets everything that happened.

Lorena also made mention that she erased all of her social media accounts. In the days after her arrest, accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram seemingly belonging to her blew up with thousands and thousands of people following them. She asks everyone to stop following them since they are all fake.

Lorena also makes it clear that she has not been invited to pose for a magazine or be the face of a product and isn’t planning a meet-and-greet to sign autographs – all of these things are rumors.

Check out her interview HERE.

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