• Niurka Marcos 2.jpgNiurka Marcos will not pose nude for Playboy magazine. Niurka wanted to be paid upfront but the magazine wanted to pay her a percentage of every magazine sold. We’ll have to wait until she runs out of money before she takes this offer, which should be in about two months.
  • Eduardo Yañez.jpgAccording to People en Español, actor Eduardo Yañez is now a citizen of The United States. He says the best part about this for him is that now he can file for residency for his son. On behalf of Latin Gossip, congratulations Eduardo!
  • Molotov.jpgThe Third annual Rock Prendido Tour is set to kick off on August 1st in New York. The tour consist of popular Rock en Español bands Molotov, Zoe, and Delux. Detailed schedule to come.
  • Univision.gifUnivision tied for second place amonst the coveted demographic of 18-35 year-olds in the US, according to Nielsen Ratings. Univision tied with NBC and beat out ABC, CBS, WB, and UPN, according to People En Español. Does that mean FOX was number one? Really?
  • Shakira.jpgShakira is returning to Mexico after several years of not performing there. She is confirmed for four performances in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey as part of her latest tour.
  • Alicia Villareal.jpgAlicia Villareal went into the hospital Friday afternoon with pains and discomfort after a performance in Houston, Texas. Last week we discovered that she is about three months pregnant, this after having had her baby seven months ago. Calls to her representatives were not immediately returned.

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