hectorfather.jpgWOW! We cannot believe this. We just posted something positive about Hector ‘El Father’ TODAY and here he is getting in trouble! BIG trouble!

Apparently, Hector, his brother, and four bodyguards were at a gas station in Puerto Rico and a female fan came up to Hector, causing one of the bodyguards to halt her and push her back.

Her husband was waiting outside and noticed that she was shoved, so he walked in upset. That’s when the altercation took place…and before you knew it the group was squabbling outside next to the gas pumps.

THEN, the bodyguards supposedly started shooting their guns at the couple. Luckily, nobody was killed.

Hector and crew left the scene, but were later apprehended and it looks like they may be charged with attempted murder!!!

This is a huge mess!

UPDATED – According to the police report, one of the bodyguards bit the woman in the right arm! Gross!

It gets worse! We hear that they found 36 bullet casings at the scene of the incident! 36??? Are they insane?

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