2015The new year is here. Before we welcome 2015 into our lives we first have to look back at what 2014 meant for us.

Beginning with a BIG BIG BIG thank you to all of YOU.

Your support, your interest, your love, your hate, your engagement is really what keeps LatinGossip going.

Many times we get asked about the success of the website and the secret behind it and the answer always goes back to our readers – all of YOU.

YOU dictate what goes up on the site and what doesn’t, YOU decide which stories become hot and which don’t, YOU make the site come to life.

And, of course, the comments….oh, the comments. We have a small staff of writers here at LatinGossip but an army of readers that provide even more content in the comments section. We get sooo much feedback about the great content AND the great comments so THANK ALL OF YOU for that. Some more than others.

We wish you all a very healthy and happy 2015 and get ready because we have several surprises coming up for LatinGossip.

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