halloweenjenni.jpgHave only a few hours until the big Halloween bash and still have no idea what you’re going to dress up as?

LatinGossip.com to the rescue. Here are some quick and easy costume ideas for tonight.

  • Jenni Rivera
    1. Grab a tight dress that shows a LOT of cleavage.
    2. microphone, to sing into and to beat your concertgoers with.
    3. video camera, to capture all of those intimate moments with a member of your band.


  • Fabian Lavalle -
    1. Highlighting kit, to make sure your hair has the wisps of blonde in it.
    2. A neck brace.
    3. Fake blood, ketchup can be used instead.
    4. Tequila, to give your eyes that bloodshot look and to say you were drunk when you’re caught with a man in your hotel room.