fernando.jpgOh! Fernando Del Rincon‘s world is crumbling little by little.

We all know the drama surrounding him and Carmen Dominicci…but things are only getting worse for him.

The woman he cheated with, Letty Peña, is talking and revealing juicy details.

She claims that when she met Fernando she was aware of who he was and knew that he was married…but he told her that he was getting a divorce.

Letty believed him because he was alone all of the time and never seemed in a hurry to make it home to anyone. It turns out that Fer would meet her when Carmen was out of town working.

The mistress says that Fernando never treated her badly, but that she doesn’t believe a word that he says now.

She’ll have to face Fernando and Carmen in court to testify about the fling. The Univision couple had a clause in their prenup that would give Carmen half of Fernando’s money and possessions if the marriage ended because of infidelity on his part.

That tells us that Carmen sort of knew what she was getting into…

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