062608carmen.jpgPrimer Impacto drama…and this time it isn’t about the chupacabra!

Details about the surprise impending divorce between Carmen Dominicci and Fernando Del Rincon have surfaced and it is not pretty.

Primera Hora reports that at co-worker Lourdes Stephen‘s wedding in the Dominican Republic, Fernando had a little too much drink (supposedly not a strange thing for him) and he and Carmen started arguing later on in their hotel room.

Apparently, the yelling turned into Carmen’s screams when Fernando supposedly hit her. Security was called to check out what was going on and both of them calmed down.

When the couple returned to Miami, she kicked him out of the house.

Again, they have only been married for ten months! This just proves that you never truly know a person. We thought Fernando was a true gentleman!

[Image : Primera Hora]

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