happy new year.jpg 2006 was an incredible year for Latin Gossip. We reached all of our goals and have set even higher ones for next year.

2006 will always be special for us since this was the year that we launched, but we know that 2007 will be an even bigger year for us! Gracias to all of you for making this past year a true success!

Have fun tonight, be safe, and Happy New Year!

Here we give you various Latin traditions to do tonight:

  1. At twelve midnight, eat twelve grapes.
  2. Put on yellow underwear for good luck or red underwear for love.
  3. Have money in your wallet or pocket so that you start off the New Year with cash.
  4. Walk the neighborhood with luggage at midnight – for safe travels throughout the year.
  5. Bathe in champagne.
  6. Write goals and wishes on a piece of paper and burn it at midnight.

Do you know of any that we missed? Let us know!

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