benavidesCarlos Bonavides, better known as ‘Huicho Domínguez‘ has been denied entrance to The United States.

Maribel Fernandez ‘La Pelangocha’ and ‘La Wanders Lover’ have also been banned from entering The US.

Huicho was deported from the states over what he says is a big misunderstanding.

He, along with his comedian colleagues, were informed that their tourist visas would be canceled for five years – this after being invited to a birthday party and their appearance being publicized as an official event.

Huicho claims they were not going to get paid for attending the party because it was for a friend of theirs. The authorities apparently didn’t believe their story and came down on them for essentially working on a tourist visa.

He went on to say they they were treated like criminals, adding “Nos están llamando a todos criminales, y no creo que por pasar a dar un show cómico gratuito, sea un criminal, te tratan como a criminal, como a muchas personas que las han extraditado, que simplemente están trabajando.”

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