pityArgentinian Rock artist Cristian “Pity” Alvarez confessed that he shot a man who later died from the gunshot…but he swears that it was in self-defense.

The former leader of Viejas Locas said “Yo fui el que disparó. No vengo a declarar. Vengo a decir lo que pasó. Lo maté porque era entre él o yo. Cualquier animal haría lo mismo.”

Authorities were on the hunt for Pity for several hours as the main suspect in the murder and the entire time Pity had been hiding out at a friend’s house.

The musician says that he is not guilty because he was simply defending himself. He mentioned “Porque si no me iba a matar él”.

According to witnesses, Pity shot the victim and later escaped in a car only to stop to get rid of the gun in a sewer.

His lawyer admitted Pity “tiene un problema grave con las drogas desde hace 25 años” – but that this does not make him fit for a profile of a murderer.

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