Anahi I have tried to ignore this band for as long as I could, but there are certains things that are worth mentioning. Anahi, from the light bubblegum pop band RBD, has opened her own boutique store in Mexico today. The store features shirts, bracelets, incense holders, and more overpriced crap than you will never need.

“It all started while I was on a plane and doodling ideas for shirts, and now I have so many different phrases for shirts. I also created bracelets, and now have this store,” shared Anahi about her new venture.

While I am all for supporting Hispanic businesses, this one just bothers me. She is an actress and now she sings and dances in different languages all while designing clothes and running a store. Why not try electrical engineering next? Dulce Maria was the only RBD-er that wasn’t there. She is obviously the only smart one.

Update : Visit the Latin Gossip Boutique

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