alexispeluaA few months ago, Judith Gonzalez (AKA Magdalena La Pelúa) quit MegaTV’s Esta Noche Tu Night.

She has spoken out about her reason for leaving, saying that host Alexis Valdes would even betray himself.

Alexis says her words are absurd and spoke more about the issue:

“I dedicated two years to Judith, to help her grow as an actress and comedian. I was proud that she was becoming a well-known figure, but when we brought her to the show nobody knew who she was, even though she had talent. I began to help her to create something brilliant, but this is like when kids rebel against their parents. There are moments that people go against you when they should be thanking you. Today I feel at peace, because if she wanted to go, then it’s best that she not be there. I don’t think Judith knows how to deal with success, she hasn’t been able to control her ego. I hope she finds someone that will guide her and take care of her like we did.”

We love La Pelúa but have a feeling that Alexis is speaking he truth. He did give her career a MAJOR boost and she should at least recognize and respect that.

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