AB Quintanilla.jpgFirst he kicked one of his fans and now he disses Mexico, the country his parents are from.

Another video (NSFW) was released today, this time showing AB Quintanilla dissing Mexicans. In the video AB is being told by airport security to get off the floor where he was sleeping and in it he says:

“The N***** can be killed in Mexico City for sleeping on the f****** floor. I am afraid to even get on the floor. They’re ready to jump on me, they’re right behind us, they don’t even want to look at us because they are ready to jump. (The guards start to leave) Look, they’re leaving. You better leave you f****** Mexicans.”

AB tries to defend his words in a press release that states:

“It’s my understanding that there is a video that is causing a negative reaction amongst the people of Mexico. I felt it necessary to clarify. In one of our trips we had a layover in Mexico City. Naturally, some members of the band decided to lay on the floor of the airport to rest. At that moment, armed security guards came up to us and told us to get up in a wrong way, not even allowing us to lean against the wall. You should understand that even though I was bron in the United States, my Mexican blood heated up, I was really bothered.”

It still doesn’t explain much. It would be one thing to make strong statements against the guards, but he went ahead and started dissing all of Mexico.

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