chiquis+rivera“Billboard” just released its interview with Chiquis Rivera.

Chiquis is doing a media push to support the release of her first album, “Ahora”, out on her own label, Sweet Sounds.

She spoke with “Billboard” about her decision to record, preparing for her first live show July 2 and how she deals with negative comments.

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…She has never performed live before, and she is nervous:
I’ve been so busy in the book tour that it’s been hard to focus. But […] We have a plan. I’m nervous, but I think I can do it. I think I’m going to be ok. It’s about preparing vocally, physically, all the ‘allys.’”

On how she deals with her haters:
“It all depends how you wake up in the morning. I’ll say, ‘today is a good day and I’m not going to let anything affect that.’….I have to understand that these people are obviously not happy in their lives. So I think maybe they’re the problem….I focus on God and on the people who are supportive. It’s a mistake we all make: We get 10 great comments and we only focus on the one nasty one. And I won’t give them that pleasure.”

On recording ‘Amor Eterno’ for her mother Jenni:
“It’s an homage to my mother, and I dedicate it to her with all my heart. I always loved that song, and obviously, after December 9, I saw it in a different way. Where the original lyrics mention Acapulco, I mention December 9. She never recorded the track, but she did sing it.”

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