chiquisChiquis Rivera is back and she gave an exclusive interview to “Primer Impacto” where she explained why she needed to take some time for herself, and why she had to cut ties with someone who was very close and part of her team.

When Pamela Silva Conde asked what the biggest disappointment she had to go through was, Chiquis said, “Yo creo que la mayor decepción fue hace una semana y una persona que yo realmente pensé que era una persona importante en mi vida y que ya no está conmigo y me duele mucho. O sea, gente que no pensé que me iba a traicionar.”

Although she didn’t give names, people are speculating it was Noemi Valdivia.

Omi, as she is also known, was a huge fan of Jenni Rivera and became Chiquis’ right hand a few years ago and even appeared on the reality show  “The Riveras.”

The two recently stopped following each other on social media and while in the past Omi shared all the Chiquis related news on her own social media, she hasn’t done so in about a week, the same time Chiquis said it had been since the disappointment.

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