So sorry.

Nacho of Chino y Nacho is apologizing. No, not for Chino’s new hairstyle.

LaTeenGossip reports that he’s sorry for the Venezuelan violence joke he made at Premios Juventud.

Upon arriving at the blue carpet he acted as if he was taking out a gun and said:

“We’re from Venezuela, this is a robbery, everyone hand over the cameras!”

He got a lot of heat for trying to be funny and is now trying to ease things up with a sorry. Nacho apologizes:

“I am surprised at how quick hate grows and how slow it is to win someone’s love, it’s sad, I am sorry, it was only a joke. I hope you can forgive me, I thought it would come and go, sometimes I forget the price of this living this kind of life, I am very embarrassed. I will learn to speak well of my country like all of you, like we all do in Venezuela everyday! I’m sorry.”

What do you think?? Tasteless joke or is everyone overreacting?

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