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Chino y Nacho are being sued for 10 million dollars for allegedly copying the hit song Niña Bonita.

Dominican producer Stanley Agramonte claims that he wrote the song Chiquilla Bonita in 2007 and that it was recorded by El Pequeño Gipy.

He says he was taken by surprise when he heard Chino y Nacho’s song because he was never contacted for permission to record the song so he called the record label but nobody ever contacted him back.

We think we know why nobody called him in the first place or returned his calls…because the songs are totally different!

The only element that is the same is the name and that is most probably due to coincidence and not plagiarism.

We’ve created a side-by-side comparison for you to listen to. Tell us what you think?

Did Chino y Nacho copy the song…or is Stanley a little loco?

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