messiantonellaLionel Messi is getting married!

He is set to marry his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo next summer.

The wedding is expected to take place in their native city of Rosario in Argentina where they met.

City newspaper La Capital said it had confirmed the union with a relative of the footballer’s who told them: “It’s true, there’ll be a wedding the middle of next year.”

Leo’s birthday of June 24 is already being talked about as the most likely date.

There has been no official confirmation yet from Antonella and Leo, who started dating in 2008 and have two children Thiago, 4, and Mateo, one.

The 29-year-old footballer, one year older than his long-term partner, first met supermarket owner’s daughter Antonella when he was nine.

He used to write love letters to her as a teenager but they didn’t formalize their relationship until he was 21.

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