ceciliaWith all of the sexual assault accusations happening in Hollywood, Cecilia Galliano went through a controversial moment on stage at Premios de la Radio.

She was presenting with Omar Chaparro when comedian El Ezequiel joined them on stage for a skit.

Apparently, Ezequiel went off script and started explicitly coming on to Cecilia with phrases like “Es que estoy encu#$@ con usted”, “Mira nada más esas tet#$@$”, and “Qué buena estás hija de la ch#$%@”.

Cecilia laughed it off and eventually walked off stage. People are applauding her for how she managed it all – keeping her cool while being live on TV.

Some say El Ezequiel crossed the line…others are saying lighten up, it’s all comedy.

Watch the vid and tell us what you think!!!

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