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Zuria Vega Having a Boy

Zuria Vega revealed the gender of the baby she is expecting. The actress shared that she is having a boy. His name will be Luka and dad, Alberto Guerra, is very excited about it. He said things will finally be even at home.

Zuria Vega Expecting Baby Number Two

Zuria Vega is pregnant! She and her husband, Alberto Guerra, made the announcement with a picture of the sonogram and a thank you to the ones who already knew and kept the secret. Zuria said she was leaving Mi Marido Tiene Familia due to other projects, this is was probably one of them. She is […]

Zuria Vega Gets Tattoo In Honor of Daughter

Zuria Vega got a tattoo in honor of her daughter. It is clear, meaningful, and simply says her name, “Lua”. This is not her only tattoo, but it’s safe to say, it is probably her favorite now. Very cute.

Zuria Vega in Fat Suit in New Novela

Zuria Vega is walking around with some extra weight…but it’s for a telenovela. The actress is shooting some scenes in a ‘fat suit’ which includes some makeup work for added chins. It’s all part of her work on “Mi Marido Tiene Familia” – so let’s see what heavy storyline this is all part of.

Zuria Vega Welcomes Baby Girl

2017 is already looking pretty good for Zuria Vega. Days after celebrating her 28th birthday, she and hubby Alberto Guerra welcomed their first baby. Baby Lúa seems to be a star already! Alberto took a photo right after she was born and she looks absolutely beautiful and comfortable with the spotlight! It makes perfect sense […]