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Zuleyka Rivera Busts Ass on Hoverboard

OUCHHHH! We’ve seen all the celebrities riding those two-wheeled ‘hoverboards – and they make it look easy. There is a sort of technique of coordination and balance that is needed to successfully ride – something Zuleyka Rivera learned the hard way. She was riding on one – or attempting to – and fell on her […]

Zuleyka Rivera Sad over Show Cancellation

We were one of the first to report that Zuleyka Rivera‘s show was getting canceled…and now she is talking about the bad news. “La Revista de Zuleyka” host spoke to “El Nuevo Dia” and said: “Estoy tranquila, positiva, pero muy triste…agradecida de Univisión, a mi equipo, por darme esta gran oportunidad de desarrollarme más en […]

Zuleyka Rivera’s Show Canceled

Canceled!! The show “La Revista De Zuleyka” with Zuleyka Rivera has been canceled. UniMas announced that it would be taking the program off the air – its last episode will run November 6th. The show only lasted three months on the air. That’s not the only show that was canceled – “El Palenque de Enrique […]

Zuleyka Rivera Premiering Own TV Show Soon

Zuleyka Rivera will have her own show. The former Miss Universe will premiere “La Revista de Zuleyka” on Univision Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks. She told “Primera Hora” that it’ll be about health, beauty, immigration, and any other topic that touches the heart. Zuleyka already has had plenty of practice on television programs […]

Zuleyka Rivera Travels Like This

Travelwear these days has come down to sweatpants and comfie shoes. Not Zuleyka Rivera! She traveled to Puerto Rico as you see her here and “Primera Hora” snapped the photo as she arrived. We’re not complaining, she looks hot, but we’re just a little surprised and wonder if that’s comfortable to travel in!