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Noelia Claims Her Mom Yolandita Monge Tried Making Out With Her

Noelia has accused her mom of plenty of things, including physical abuse, and the latest accusation is shocking. She talked to “Suelta La Sopa” and said her mother, Yolandita Monge, tried to coerce her into having an orgy with her and her husband Topy Mamery. Noelia goes into detail saying that her mom grabbed her […]

Yolandita Monge Now a Grandma

Yolandita Monge is still mourning the loss of her husband, Topy Mamery. However, there is some good news for her. She has become a grandma! Her daughter, Paola Andrea, gave birth to her first child – a boy named Luca. The circle of life. Cruel and beautiful all at the same time.

Yolandita Monge and Family Write Letter to Noelia

Noelia‘s family has responded to her harsh remarks and words since Topy Mamery‘s death. What they have to say is very direct. They do not mince words. CLICK HERE to see what they publicly wrote to Noelia.

Yolandita Monge Wants to Exhume Topy Mamery’s Body For Cremation

Topy Mamery was buried after dying from a heart attack…but it doesn’t look that he can still yet rest in peace. His wife, Yolandita Monge, is looking to exhume the body because she now wants to cremate him instead. Apparently, the media in Puerto Rico has pointed out that Topy’s space at the cemetery has […]

Yolandita Monge Blames Topy Mamery’s Death on the Media

We know that Topy Mamery died of a heart attack…but wife Yolandita Monge is saying the MEDIA killed him! We told you about the scandal involving him, model Shalimar, and public sex…well, she believes the media hounding him with the controversy is what caused his heart to give out. Yolandita is so over the media […]