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Yolanda Andrade Is Married

Yolanda Andrade is a married woman. She and her lover were married symbolically in Amsterdam, but she won’t reveal her wife’s identity. “Yo sí me puedo liberar y hablar de mí, pero yo no puedo hablar de ella porque ella es una figura pública y es muy famosa. No puedo decir fulana, si no le […]

Yolanda Andrade Admits to Romance With Montserrat Oliver

Did Yolanda Andrade finally admit to having had a romantic relationship with Montserrat Oliver?? It has long been rumored that the two TV hosts were an item some time ago, but they have never copped to it. However, on ‘Montse & Joe’ Yolanda was asked who her best lover has been…and she quickly answered Montserrat. […]

Yolanda Andrade Brushes Off Drug Trafficking Talk

Yolanda Andrade doesn’t care if people link her to drug traffickers. It all started during The World Cup when she showed up to watch Mexico play with the good luck charm “El santo de los narcotraficantes” Malverde. People jumped at her, and still are, saying she is showing the worst of Mexico and must have […]

Yolanda Andrade Talks About Being Chapo Link

Yolanda Andrade has faced the press. According to “Reforma”, federal authorities are investigating the television host for supposedly being the link between Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and Kate Del Castillo. On her way in to shoot a new episode of her show, reporters stopped her to ask what the deal is. She said: “A mí […]