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Abraham Mateo, Jennifer Lopez, and Yandel on one song

Abraham Mateo, Jennifer Lopez, and Yandel on one song! The three collaborate on “Se Acabó El Amor” – a Spanish-style Pop song with quick verses and a bumpy rhythm. Check it out and tell us if you like or not.

Wisin and Yandel Get Back Together For Tour

Wisin and Yandel will once again be Wisin y Yandel! They went their separate ways a few years ago to embark on solo careers. Now they are getting back together. The reggaeton duo have decided to unite and it’s all part of a tour. Their latest tracks are basically duets with each other and now […]

Wisin and Yandel Reunite

Reunited and it feels so good… Wisin and Yandel shared the stage for the first time in a long time at a radio event in Los Angeles. The fans went wild when they saw them together again Both shared a photo on social media saying “Calentando Motores.” Could that mean a reunion? We certainly hope […]

Celebs Share Worries and Well Wishes For Those in Hurricane Path

Several celebs are worried for those in the path of Hurricane Irma – as the category 5 storm approaches the Caribbean. Ricky Martin put up a video expressing words for Puerto Rico, saying “Espero que ya estén listos y preparados, espero que todos estén escuchando a las autoridades y a los telediarios. Espero que solamente […]

Yandel Rescues Stranded Man in Flood

Yandel did a good dedd! Due to heavy rains, many streets in the city of Miami got flooded and many people got stranded. Cars were unable to travel on several avenues in South Florida – and in one known case a man was stranded in the waters in a motorized scooter. In comes Yandel to […]