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Yahir Becomes Dad For Second Time

Yahir is a dad for a second time. The singer welcomed child number two and immediately shared the news with his fans. If you’re wondering why he didn’t include the mom in the pic…it’s because Yahir and baby mama aren’t together anymore.

Yahir is NOT Retiring

Let’s get it out of the way…Yahir is NOT retiring. There is a rumor going around that the singer is quitting show business to spend more time with his family. Apparently, he was tired of touring and the travels and just wanted to chill at home more. It turns out that this was all a […]

Yahir Wrote a Movie Script and Wants to Film it

Yahir is known for his singing but he is wanting to try something new. Movies! Nope, not neccesserily acting. Yahir wrote a script! He plans in developing the film, which is about adolescence, this year and getting it off the ground.

Yahir Working on Reuniting La Academia First Season Contestants on Tour

Yahir is hard at work to make something special happen this year. He is getting the contestants of the first season of “La Academia” to tour together! He admits that it’s been more difficult than he imagined and there’s still plenty of work until they make it happen, but he’s already managed to get a […]

Yahir May Be Seeing His Backup Singer

Looks like Yahir has got himself a new girlfriend! Her name is Alex and she sings backup for him! They are at that stage where they are seeing each other but haven’t solidified a relationship. They look cute together!