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Ximena Duque Cool With Not Having Perfect Body After Giving Birth

Ximena Duque wants everyone to know that she is not pregnant…but is cool with people thinking she is. The actress was on “Viva el Mundial y Más” talking all things World Cup and many fans started assuming that she was preggers because they noticed a bump. Ximena responded with “La verdad no me molesta que […]

Ximena Duque Father Passed Away

Ximena Duque‘s father has passed away. The actress shared the sad news on social media, with a picture of her hand holding his. Ximena said “Amor de mi vida, mi Guri-Guri mi hermoso papito, aquí juntitos agarrados de la mano nos despedimos y le pedí a Dios que te permitiera descansar y así lo hizo, […]

Ximena Duque Introduces Daughter

Ximena Duque is ready to officially introduce her beautiful baby, Luna. After an almost 40 hour long labor, the actress took a few days to rest and spend it with her daughter and family. Now she is ready to introduce her to her fans and followers on social media. She said she didn’t want to […]

Premios Tu Mundo Red Carpet and Backstage Hosts Announced

Telemundo is gearing up for an impressive coverage of Premios Tu Mundo!! First up, is the digital broadcast of the red carpet hosted by Christian Acosta, Patricia Zavala, Johann Vera, and Ximena Duque. The TV broadcast of the red carpet will be hosted by Rashel Diaz, Jorge Bernal, Elva Saray, and Quique Usales. Then all […]

Ximena Duque Having a Girl

Ximena Duque is having a girl! The actress and her husband found out the sex of their baby via a social media reveal in which they opened a giant box filled with either blue or pink balloons. Ximena jumped for joy as she saw the pink balloons rising from the box. Congrats!!