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William Levy Defends Elizabeth Gutierrez Over Quitting Play

Coming to her defense! Elizabeth Gutierrez was part of the cast of a stage show in Miami – then suddenly quit. Rumors flew around that William Levy made her abandon ship, but he is letting everyone know that nope. He posted this photo along with a message to back up Elizabeth. CLICK HERE to read […]

William Levy Giving Bad Ass Attitude in Resident Evil

We gotta say, we’re getting excited for this! We saw the first look of William Levy in the movie “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” – but that was just posing, and now he’s feeling the character in this shot. This is looking better by the day. At least it looks like he’s got the whole […]

William Levy First Pic in Resident Evil Look

Another big step in Hollywood! William Levy is acting in “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” and we now have the first photo of him in the film. Here he is posing with costar Ali Larter as they prepare to kill some zombies. The movie doesn’t come out until 2017 so you better enjoy this photo […]

William Levy Invites Elizabeth Gutierrez to His Birthday Party

William Levy celebrated his birthday and invited friends and family to his Miami home. One particular person that was there was…Elizabeth Gutierrez. Of course, their two children were also there – so it was most certainly a family affair. So, are they playing nice for the sake of the kids or are the love sparks […]

People En Español Names Los 25 Más Fashion

They already have ‘Los 50 Más Bellos’…but did you know they also list ‘Los 25 Más Fashion’?? “People En Español” has published a new edition of their magazine naming the most fashionable celebs. Who made the cut?? We have some names. Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Genesis Rodriguez, Ana Brenda Contreras, Ricky Martin, William Levy, Rafael […]