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William Levy Taking in Miami Night With DJs and Basketball Players

William Levy is just always at the right place at the right time with the right people. While enjoying some time at home in Miami, the Cuban actor hit up Brickell hot spot Komodo and he was in good company. DJs Martin Garrix and Afrojack were there as well as a few Miami Heat players. […]

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez Raise Eyebrows With Ring

What’s this?? After confirming to “People En Español” that she and William Levy are back together, Elizabeth Gutierrez posted a pic on Instagram that has many going ‘Hmmm’. She caption the photo with the hashtag #youandme…but what people are most intrigued by is the ring she is rocking. Could it have meaning behind it?? Perhaps […]

William Levy Gifts a Car, Gets a Badge

We know what Elizabeth Gutierrez got for the holidays…but what about William Levy? We’re sure she paid him back with gifts. You know, the kind that don’t come with a receipt. Still, we wonder what he actually received and we at least know what his son gave him. A badge that says “#1 Dad” – […]

Elizabeth Gutierrez Gets Car From Santa Levy

Look who got a gift from you-know-who!! Elizabeth Gutierrez received a last minute Christmas gift – in the shape of a car. The actress is now driving a Mercedes-Benz G-Class…and she thanked Santa. We can all safely assume that Santa is William Levy. The SUV was waiting for her outside of her house with a […]

Elizabeth Gutierrez Reveals William Levy is Her Crush

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez sure love to toy with their fans’ emotions! It’s an ongoing doubt with them – are they together or not? The latest clue comes from the actress that shared who her current crush is to all of her followers. She posted this photo, tagged William, and made reference to his […]