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Elizabeth Gutierrez Gets Car From Santa Levy

Look who got a gift from you-know-who!! Elizabeth Gutierrez received a last minute Christmas gift – in the shape of a car. The actress is now driving a Mercedes-Benz G-Class…and she thanked Santa. We can all safely assume that Santa is William Levy. The SUV was waiting for her outside of her house with a […]

Elizabeth Gutierrez Reveals William Levy is Her Crush

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez sure love to toy with their fans’ emotions! It’s an ongoing doubt with them – are they together or not? The latest clue comes from the actress that shared who her current crush is to all of her followers. She posted this photo, tagged William, and made reference to his […]

William Levy Complete With Work and Kids in South Africa

Looks like William Levy really needed some family time overseas. The Cuban actor has been in South Africa shooting “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” – and, as we told you, his kids visited him a couple of weeks ago. Christopher and Kailey have been having a blast with daddy. Enjoying everything the African nation has […]

Elizabeth Gutierrez and Kids With William Levy in South Africa

The family has arrived! William Levy has been busy – and alone – shooting the movie “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” in South Africa but now he has company. Elizabeth Gutierrez arrived with the kids, Christopher and Kailey, so the little ones could spend time with daddy. We’re thinking mommy also wanted to spend some […]

William Levy Defends Elizabeth Gutierrez Over Quitting Play

Coming to her defense! Elizabeth Gutierrez was part of the cast of a stage show in Miami – then suddenly quit. Rumors flew around that William Levy made her abandon ship, but he is letting everyone know that nope. He posted this photo along with a message to back up Elizabeth. CLICK HERE to read […]