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William Levy Ignored in First Trailer For Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

We’re very excited that William Levy is in “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” – but one thing has us worried. He hardly comes out in the first trailer for the movie. Granted, it focuses mostly on lead actress Milla Jovovich, but still we expected to see more of William. He is literally shown for less […]

William Levy Does Elements of TBT Just Right at Premios Juventud

William Levy attended Premios Juventud and looked so dapper. The Cuban actor had some small touches of the 70s with the patterned pants and the broaches on his shirt. This was a hit on the carpet.

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez Cruise With The Kids

William Levy enjoyed a few days off with his loved ones. He set sail on a Disney cruise with Elizabeth Gutierrez and their kids Christopher and Kailey. One happy family!

William Levy Has Amusing Run In With a Grandmother in Cuba

William Levy had a peculiar run-in with an older lady during his visit in Cuba. He snapped a photo of the grandmother smoking a cigar – and she didn’t skip a beat to ask him why. Here is what he said: “Caminando por la Habana me encontré esta mujer fumándose un Tabaco Cubano.. No pude […]

William Levy Visits Cuba

Woah!! William Levy is back in Cuba. The actor is on the island visiting – which is a very big deal considering there are still tensions with the Cuban exiles in the United States. William said that he has no words to describe what he feels to be back in Cuba. He has become one […]