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William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez Being Lovey Dovey

What exactly is going on here?? Elizabeth Gutierrez put up a video on Instagram of William Levy telling her “Happy Birthday, baby” and then he pans over to her. She published the vid with the caption: “Miss you!!” and a smiley face with hearts. Soooo, does this mean they are back together?? Or are they […]

William Levy Talks Success in Magnat Fragrance Ad

We got our hands on a new commercial featuring William Levy. It’s for a fragrance called Magnat and in it the actor talks about success. Really it’s a ploy to have men want to be him and indirectly want to smell like him. Fancy cars, hot girl by his side, swanky apartment – and the […]

William Levy Finally Joins Facebook

William Levy has finally joined the modern times!! He hasn’t been completely off social media – he’s a little active on Twitter and Instagram – but now he’s more connected than ever. The actor has joined Facebook! He visited the FB offices in Miami and has officially opened his page. CLICK HERE to follow him.

William Levy Launches Rum Brand

William Levy rum??? Basically! The hunky actor has partnered with and is the face of Miami Club Rum. It’s an alcoholic beverage, made in Miami, that is backed by him and will feature him in the ads. You want a taste of William juice??

William Levy and Eduardo Verastegui Say Hi and Pose

Look who it is! Eduardo Verastegui and William Levy bumped into each other at an event and they didn’t fail in taking a pic together. Seeing them two of course is a lot of mancandy. It also reminds us that Eduardo was the William Levy of years ago before he decided not to continue using […]