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Walter Mercado Not Dead

Let’s end this rumor now. The Internet is abuzz with the false chisme that Walter Mercado had died. We’re here to say that he is alive and is responding well to the treatment he is receiving in the hospital. He is still around to give people mucho mucho mucho amor.

Walter Mercado Had a Heart Attack

Wow, it’s worse than we thought. You now know that Walter Mercado was transferred from Puerto Rico to an Ohio hospital as he continue to fight a strong pneumonia. It turns out that he also suffered a heart attack! He’ll undergo a catheterization but his publicist says he is in good spirits.

Walter Mercado Being Treated in Ohio Hospital

Walter Mercado, AKA Shanti Ananda, is now in Ohio. The famous astrologist traveled from Puerto Rico to keep on receiving treatment for a pneumonia that has taken its toll on him. He is still in good spirits and we continue to wish him well!

Walter Mercado Still Hospitalized

Over the weekend it was reported that Walter Mercado‘s health had taken a turn for the worse. His niece is now saying that he is getting better, despite still being hospitalized – it’s been a week! The famous psychic apparently needed medical attention after a nasty bronchitis got him very ill and he remains in […]

Walter Mercado Hospitalized

Oh no! Walter Mercado is in the hospital, ya’ll! El Nuevo Día reports that the psychic was feeling pains in his chest. He is doing better now and we wish him a speedy recovery.