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Victoria Ruffo Not Cool With Eugenio Derbez But Wants His Help

Will Victoria Ruffo ever be down with Eugenio Derbez again?? She says nope. The actress was interviewed by “Sale El Sol” and she said that they just don’t see eye to eye. Vicky says they are polar opposites. She does, however, wish that Eugenio would lend a hand to their son, Jose Eduardo Derbez, in […]

Eugenio Derbez Cuts Victoria Ruffo From Son’s Birthday Message

Eugenio Derbez‘s turn to cut out Victoria Ruffo?? The actor celebrated his son’s 26th birthday with a photo on social media – but Victoria’s fans are angry that he cut her out of the pic. We all know they were together years ago and that they have each moved on with their lives…so what’s so […]

Victoria Ruffo Criticized For Cutting Out Eugenio Derbez From Pic

Victoria Ruffo cut out Eugenio Derbez! Let us explain… She posted a photo of her son, Jose Eduardo Derbez, with actress Raquel Welch. That’s nice and all, but the problem is HE also posted the pic on Instagram and fans noticed something different. In the pic Jose Eduardo posted he’s also with his dad. In […]

Victoria Ruffo Happy Mom With All of Her Kids Gathered Together

It’s her whole clan! Victoria Ruffo celebrated the 10th birthday of her twins Anuar and Vicky with a family dinner. Big brother Jose Eduardo Derbez showed up to congratulate his siblings – and this is even more special since he recently moved out of the house. Nothing like bringing the whole group together!

Jose Eduardo Derbez Moved Out of Mama Victoria Ruffo’s House

All grown up! Jose Eduardo Derbez has revealed that he has moved out of his mother’s house – as you know his mama is novela actress Victoria Ruffo. He says he left because it was simply time for him to be on his own but that he certainly misses the added comforts of living with […]