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Victor Manuelle Apologizes For Rihanna Lyric in His Song

Victor Manuelle has released a statement to apologize for the lyrics in the song “Amarte Duro.” In the song, Farruko‘s feature includes a line that says “te voy a dar bien duro como Chris le daba a Rihanna” – which many fans are upset with. VM is responding to the backlash by taking full responsibility. […]

Farruko and Victor Manuelle on Blast For Insensitive Rihanna Lyric

Farruko and Victor Manuelle are being called out for an insensitive and downright shocking line in their duet “Amarte Duro” – and it has to do with Chris Brown and Rihanna. In his rap feature, Farruko says “Y te voy a dar bien duro como Chris le daba a Rihanna.” The internet is blasting the […]

Victor Manuelle’s Father Dies

Victor Manuelle‘s father has passed away. He said: Hoy mi héroe cumplió su misión junto a nosotros en la tierra. Se nos va al cielo dejando una gran lección de vida como padre, como amigo y como gran ser humano. Quiero darle las gracias a mis fanáticos de todo el mundo por sus mensajes de […]

Victor Manuelle Releasing Another Song to Help Fight Alzheimer Desease

Victor Manuelle is once again doing everything he can to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s. He is releasing another single about the desease and the funds raised in the sale of the song will go to a non-profit organization that helps victims and families of Alzheimer’s. Last year, he released “Algo Le Pasa a […]

Victor Manuelle Releasing Second Song in Support of Alzheimer’s Research

Victor Manuelle is once again lending a hand to Alzheimer’s research and awareness. Last year he released a song called “Ellos No Olvidan, No Lo Hagas Tu” and raised funds to help in the fight against this disease. He is once again teaming up with the foundation “De Frente al Alzheimer” with another song to […]