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Vicente Fernandez Getting Conflicting Medical Advice

Vicente Fernandez got some pretty bad news from a doctor a few days ago, but it seems all is better now. The legendary singer was going to have to undergo back surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerves on his legs. The operation was to be complicated and a big burden for the singer. […]

Vicente Fernandez Responds to Donald Trump Win

Vicente Fernandez has responded to Donald Trump‘s presidential win. After pushing hard for Hillary Clinton, Don Chente said “Amigos, ni modo, no se dieron las cosas. ¡Échenle muchas ganas, estoy seguro que sus voces serán escuchadas! Dios aprieta, pero no ahorca.” He probably shouldn’t expect an invite to The White House anytime soon.

Vicente Fernandez Wants a Chill Funeral

Vicente Fernandez has some specific wishes for when he dies. He does NOT want elaborate tributes or over-the-top events. He says he would prefer that his funeral be ‘normal.’ Don Chente says he doesn’t want to commercialize his death and wants a very toned-down goodbye. He understands that people may want to be with him […]

Vicente Fernandez Mum Over Donald Trump Win

Vicente Fernandez was very vocal in supporting Hillary Clinton – in fact, he wrote a song dedicated to her. However, he’s kept quiet since news broke that Donald Trump was elected president. No sign of social media posts or statements anywhere. Days before the election, Don Chente said he was sure Trump wouldn’t win because […]

Hillary Clinton and Vicente Fernandez Embrace After Debate

As you know, Vicente Fernandez was a guest of Hillary Clinton‘s at the final presidential debate. He’s been all out supporting her, even putting out a corrido in her honor and most definitely influencing the Latino community when voting time comes. After the debate on Wednesday night, Hillary approached Vicente and his family to thank […]