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Vicente Fernandez Wants Everyone to Know He is Alive

Vicente Fernandez is alive and he wants everyone to know it. There was a rumor this week that the legendary star was on his deathbed gravely ill – but he’s saying nope. He posted two pics…one in a suit and another on a motorcycle with the caption “Querido público, aquí les mando esta foto hoy […]

Vicente Fernandez is a Great Grandfather

Vicente Fernandez is a great-grandfather!! Here he is with his great-granddaughter Antonella. A few weeks ago, Don Chente’s family dynasty extended when Fernanda Fernandez Penichet, daughter of Vicente Junior, had a baby. This week, Vicente’s son posted the image saying “¡Chente loco con su primer bisnieta!” So adorable!! We hope they have plenty of time […]

Ana Barbara Eases Worries Sharing Video With Vicente Fernandez

We’ve all been so worried about Vicente Fernandez‘s health – so this video makes us happy. Ana Barbara shared a video on Instagram showing her singing the song “Que Te Vaya Bonito” along with Don Chente and he looks great! The two not only share a melody, but they also joke around and even have […]

Vicente Fernandez News He Could be Facing Liver Cancer Again

Vicente Fernandez is once again battling liver cancer…that’s what several media outlets in Mexico are reporting. It’s being said that a new tumor has been discovered on his liver which has many fans worried. However, journalist Ahtziri Cardenas is denying the news saying “¡Falso que nuestro querido @_VicenteFdez se encuentre grave. No sólo así me […]

Vicente Fernandez Getting Conflicting Medical Advice

Vicente Fernandez got some pretty bad news from a doctor a few days ago, but it seems all is better now. The legendary singer was going to have to undergo back surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerves on his legs. The operation was to be complicated and a big burden for the singer. […]