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Vicente Fernandez Refuses Transplant Over Fear in May Come From Homosexual

Vicente Fernandez gave an interview to Gustavo Adolfo Infante where he made some controversial comments. When talking about his liver cancer scare, the singer said that although doctors had found a compatible organ he got up and left the hospital. “Me querían poner un hígado de otro c@br0n y les dije: ‘Yo no me voy […]

Vicente Fernandez Criticized For Kissing Fans On Lips

It is well known that Vicente Fernandez greets his family members with a kiss on the lips. Recently, however, photos of him have surfaced where he is also seen kissing fans on the lips while they visit his ranch. And although the women seen on the photos appear to be totally okay with him doing […]

Vicente Fernandez Fans Worried After Reading Thank You Letter

Vicente Fernandez is saying thanks…any many are taking it as goodbye. The singer’s Instagram account was updated with a letter that read “A mis seguidores, La luz que estuvo encendida hasta en la más profunda obscuridad, gracias. Gracias por permitirme cantar por tantas horas a su lado. Gracias por el amor, por las sonrisas y […]

Vicente Fernandez Blasted For Mini Horse Pic

Vicente Fernandez is getting blasted online for this pic. The legendary singer posted a photo with a miniature horse – the size of a dog – and his intention was to simply present it to his followers. Don Chente is being accused by his own fans of ‘playing God’ by genetically manipulating the animal. It […]

Vicente Fernandez Shows Up Everyone at Charro Competition at His Ranch

Vicente Fernandez may be retired but he’s still got it! At his ranch, there are charrería competitions which consist of singing mariachi style wearing the traditional gear. Don Chente was present at the one this weekend and decided to show everyone up! What a treat to everyone there! Remmy Valenzuela was present as well and […]