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Johnny Rivera and Boyfriend Tweets Make it Seem They Broke Up

Looks like there is trouble in paradise between Johnny Rivera and his boyfriend, Joaquin. First, Jenni Rivera‘s youngest posted a tweet with the abbreviations ‘Y.D.D.I.F.M.A.’ which stands for ‘You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore’ – that alone raised eyebrows. However, it was even more telling when Joaquin followed up with his own message on […]

Rosie Rivera Presented as Actress and Singer by Univision

Univision has started promoting the next season of “Mira Quien Baila”…but caused a ruckus online with the intro of Rosie Rivera. To let everyone know that Jenni Rivera‘s sister will be dancing on the show, the network posted a profile of Rosie which said her profession was ‘Actriz y Cantante’. People were very confused because […]

Jacqie Rivera Getting Divorced

Jacqie Rivera is getting divorced. Jenni Rivera‘s daughter let her followers on social media in on the latest with her husband, saying “As you know, I have made i‎t a point to include you guys in the the best and worst moments of my life. So I don’t want to leave you behind on this. […]

Jessica Maldonado Schools Jenni Rivera Brother on Don Francisco Te Invita

Jessica Maldonado cleared things up very quickly on “Don Francisco Te Invita” and in the process she schooled Gustavo Rivera. As you know, Jenni Rivera and a few members of her team died in a plane crash five years ago. Gustavo criticized Jessica for organizing a lawsuit with the other victims’ families against The Riveras. […]

Jenni Rivera Son Gay Relationship No So Secret

This it the picture that started it all. Jenni Rivera‘s youngest son, Johnny Lopez, revealed that he is in a gay relationship – and many were shocked. However, his faithful follower already knew what was up. His boyfriend, named Joaquin, posted this pic several weeks ago. He also put up a pic of Johnny on […]