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Thalia Slams Songwriter For Arrogance

Thalia went on a rant and slammed a singer-songwriter for his lack of professionalism. She narrates that she was at the studio and was going to meet with a songwriter who alleged really wanted to work with her. The person who’s name she refused to give was there over an hour late, according to the […]

Thalia Dresses Like Barbie For New Video

Thalia has always loved to dress up and have fun in her music videos. For her most recent, she is dressed up like a Barbie. This is for the video for her song “Lindo Pero Bruto,” featuring Lali where they transport themselves to a fantasy world to create the perfect man. Fun concept.

Thalia New Look That Looks More Like Paulina Rubio

Thalia is showing off a new look! The singer is sporting curls and 90s style hair and it’s got her fans doing a double take! In fact, many are saying that she looks more like Paulina Rubio here than she does Thalia! What do you think??

Thalia Faces Trash on Movie Seat With Plastic Bag

Thalia went to the movies the other day, but had a gross encounter. When she got to her seat, she noticed that it was filthy. She says there was food and grease all over. Thalia claims the theater employees did not want to clean it up, so she grabbed a garbage bag and covered the […]

Thalia and Natti Natasha Keep Singing When Audio Cuts Out

Thalia and Natti Natasha got to singing “No Me Acuerdo” without music because of technical issues. It all happened at a concert in Los Angeles and the audio stopped in the middle of their performance. Thalia and Natti kept going with the help of the audience. Good for them!!!