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Thalia Shines Makeup Free

Thalia posted a no makeup pic and she looks fantastic! We love when celebs dare to post pics without the foundation, mascara, and lipstick – and in Thalia’s case she can totally pull it off. Her skin shines!

Thalia and Daughter are the Perfect Shaggy and Scooby

OK this is awesome!! Thalia and her daughter Sabrina went Trick or Treating in New York as Shaggy and Scooby-Doo! We’re actually surprised Thalia didn’t choose to go as Daphne!

Arturo Peniche Claims Thalia’s Breath Stunk

Arturo Peniche is making some embarrassing revelations about Thalia. When asked why he didn’t like kissing her Arturo was very open and said her breath smelled. This after Thalia said he had been her best on-screen kisser! He explained that she used to like to eat at a seafood restaurant nearby and there were a […]

Thalia Fits in Costume From 25 Years Ago

Thalia‘s stylist pulled out an oldie from the closet…and the singer still fits in it! Thalia wored this tight-fitting corset-like costume 25 years ago…and her stylist challenged her to try it on again. Upon seeing it fit like a glove, despite Thalia now being 46 years, he posted it on social media to profess his […]

Thalia Posts Pic of Daughter and Fans Notice Striking Resemblance

Thalia celebrated her daughter’s 10th birthday and fans noticed how much they are looking alike! The Mexican singer doesn’t show too many pics of her kids – so when she does it’s a special treat for her followers. For Sabrina‘s 10 years, Thalia started out by taking her to eat and posting a photo on […]