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Thalia in Mexico For Grandmother’s 100th Birthday

Thalia was with her grandmother for her 100th! Laura Zapata threw grandma a birthday party in Mexico and invited Thalia – and she surprised everyone by showing up. This means that Thalia and Laura put aside their differences (at least for a day) to celebrate their abuela. Thalia says she is blessed to see her […]

Thalia Christmas Pics Bring Attention to Face

Thalia‘s Christmas pics are making many of her fans do a double take. She posted Xmas photos of her family and her followers noticed her face looking different. The feedback has been that she looks swollen and people are calling her out for getting procedures done. Bad angle or bad injections??? What do you think??

Thalia and Paulina Rubio Text All the Time

Thalia says that there is no beef with Paulina Rubio. In a chat with “Suelta La Sopa”, she was asked if she and Pau are singing together in 2018 – and Thalia said she would talk to her and see what’s up. Then the reporter got on the topic of the rivalry between them and […]

Thalia Shines Makeup Free

Thalia posted a no makeup pic and she looks fantastic! We love when celebs dare to post pics without the foundation, mascara, and lipstick – and in Thalia’s case she can totally pull it off. Her skin shines!

Thalia and Daughter are the Perfect Shaggy and Scooby

OK this is awesome!! Thalia and her daughter Sabrina went Trick or Treating in New York as Shaggy and Scooby-Doo! We’re actually surprised Thalia didn’t choose to go as Daphne!