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Omar Chaparro Being Replaced by Yordi Rosado

Replacing Omar Chaparro on “Sabadazo” is…Yordi Rosado. The charismatic host is a good choice, however he has very big shoes to fill. He is great at hosting – but that’s all he does. Host. Omar does characters and sings…something that Yordi, at least up to now, doesn’t really do. It’s not going to be easy […]

Omar Chaparro Saying Goodbye to Sabadazo

Omar Chaparro is leaving “Sabadazo”. After six years on the show he has decided that it is time to say goodbye. Omar has been focused on other professional goals such as acting in movies and his singing career – and being tied to a show every week does not help for performances and touring. He […]

La Voz Kids Fourth Season Winner is Christopher

The winner of the fourth season of “La Voz Kids” is…Christopher! The Team Natalia singer outperformed the other contestants week after week and impressed with his strong vocals. Coach Natalia Jimenez was over the moon and showed just how proud of him she was. Christopher said he is going to celebrate the win by thanking […]

Va Por Ti Second Season Captains Announced

We now know who the captains of “Va Por Ti” will be for the second season. Chiquis Rivera, Luis Coronel, and Leslie Grace will be competing face-to-face to pick the best singer in the singing competition that will air on Univision. They essentially are replacing El Dasa, Jencarlos Canela, and Dulce Maria. The question now […]

Queen of The South is Here

“Queen of The South” is here! The show, basically the English version of “La Reina Del Sur” premieres tonight, June 23rd on the USA Network at 10 p.m. It takes a fresh lens at the story by moving it to Dallas, Texas. One of the most exciting parts of the show is seeing three strong […]