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Diego Schoening Leaving Un Nuevo Dia

Diego Schoening is leaving “Un Nuevo Dia.” The TV host and singer is saying goodbye to the morning show. He will be focusing on his music career. Diego will join some of his Timbiriche colleagues on the tour of the group. They are celebrating 35 years of Timbiriche and the tour already has 30 dates […]

OV7 Show Plan B Canceled

OV7‘s show “Plan B” has been canceled. Televisa has pulled the plug on the program hosted by several members of the Pop group. We hear they have just two episodes left and then they are over. No official reason has been given for the cancelation, but apparently the ratings were weak.

Univision Confirms William Valdes Departure

As we told you, William Valdes is out of “Despierta America” and Univision. The network has confirmed the news to the media saying “Confirmamos que William Valdés dejará su posición como corresponsal de redes sociales en ‘Despierta America’. Agradecemos a William por sus contribuciones, y le deseamos todo lo mejor. Estaremos anunciando más sobre los […]

Pablo Montero Out of Novela Over Allegations of Drunkenness and No Shows

Pablo Montero is no longer in the novela “El Vuelo de la Victoria” – and the reasons why are giving plenty to talk about! It’s being said that he went to work drunk one day and he also missed several days of shoots because he simply didn’t show up. Pablo will be holding a press […]

Lucero Officially Back With Televisa After Three Years

After three years of being away from Televisa, Lucero is back with them! The actress/singer/host announced that she will be on “La Voz Kids” – which is now on Televisa (ironically, the show itself also used to be on Telemundo…just like Lucero). Of her return to the network, she said ““La vida es una rueda […]