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Dulce Maria Narrating Show For Animal Planet

Dulce Maria has got a new gig. The singer and actress is now a…narrator. She is the speaking voice on “El Mejor Amigo Del Hombre” – a show on Animal Planet about the relationship between man and dog. Singing, acting, narrating. Would that still be considered a triple threat??

Adamari Lopez Making Somewhat of a Return to Telenovelas

Adamari Lopez is headed back to the novela world…but not entirely. She has been absent of novelas for close to a decade, solely focusing on her hosting duties on “Un Nuevo Dia.” Now she prepares to dust off her acting chops since she’ll be having a special acting gig on Telemundo’s “La Fan.” The novela […]

Al Rojo Vivo Debuts New Set

“Al Rojo Vivo” has got a new look! The afternoon news show debuted a new set and it’s a pretty big overhaul from before. It now has a circular feel to it – the round table, the semi-circle couch, and the long television screen that bends all around the set. The show is a big […]

Telemundo Releases First Promo of La Doña

Telemundo has let loose the first promo of “La Doña” starring Aracely Arambula and it looks GOOD!! The network has really kicked it up several notches with their production value and this is just the latest example. Check out Aracely being nasty and cruel in this clip…

Mane De La Parra Joins Republica Deportiva as Host

Mane De La Parra really does everything! He sings, he acts…he hosts! It has been announced that he has joined “Republica Deportiva” on Univision. The sports show combined with an entertainment angle airs on Sundays and now has Mane as part of its hosting crew. He says he is excited to take this on since […]