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Telemundo Says Caso Cerrado Not Canceled

There is a rumor going around that “Caso Cerrado” has been canceled…but Telemundo says NOPE. Right now, the program has been moved aside for the World Cup coverage, but fans of Dr. Ana Maria Polo are worried that her show will be taken off the air permanently. The network responded to these fears, saying “Caso […]

Jorge El Coque Muñiz With Low Ratings on TV Azteca

Jorge ‘El Coque’ Muñiz‘s start on TV Azteca has not been so great. The TV host had been with Televisa for decades and made headlines when he moved to TV Azteca – with high hopes of transferring over his fanbase to his new home. However, that’s not the case. Jorge has premiered on TV Azteca […]

Fernando Del Solar Could Get the Boot From Hoy

Is Fernando Del Solar on his way out of “Hoy”?? Word is the TV host is about to get the boot from Televisa’s morning show because he hasn’t quite fit in with his cohosts and the audience hasn’t really taken to him either. Neither Fernando or producers have confirmed or denied this news, but apparently […]

Arturo Peniche on TV Azteca and Televisa at Same Time

Arturo Peniche here, there, everywhere! While some actors have a hard time finding a job, Arturo is on two competing networks at the same time!! He had a special guest appearance on the TV Azteca novela “Tres Milagros” – but if you were to change the channel to Televisa you would have also seen him […]

Un Nuevo Dia Debuts Un Nuevo Set

“Un Nuevo Dia” has a new look – and we’re not talking about the hosts this time. The morning show debuted a new set on Monday – much more modern and with new elements like a stair and second-floor terrace. Telemundo has new headquarters in Miami and this is the first of their programs to […]