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Maluma Hair Gives Away La Voz Kids Finale Secret

Maluma‘s hair gave away a TV secret. The Colombian singer and contestant Eduardo Barba won “La Voz Kids” – but in the winning images we see Maluma with a shaved head…which is interesting because Maluma has long hair now a la man bun. So what gives?? People are saying the show is a big fraud […]

Jenni Rivera Son Says Seeing Angelica Celaya Play Mom is Therapeutic

After Telemundo revealed the first official image of Angelica Celaya as Jenni Rivera, the iconic singer’s son, Johnny, posted another photo! Here we see the actress portraying Jenni in the 90s with the actor playing Johnny’s father. La Diva de la Banda’s son not only showed the pic – but also published a message that […]

Angelica Celaya as Jenni Rivera FIRST LOOK

Telemundo has released the first official image of “Mariposa De Barrio” and it’s gotten everyone talking! Here we see Angelica Celaya dressed up in one of Jenni Rivera‘s iconic looks. So what do we think?? Spot on or not even close??

Telemundo Reveals La Reina Del Sur 2 With Kate Del Castillo

“La Reina Del Sur 2″ is coming!! Telemundo has revealed that the second season of the show is happening and Kate Del Castillo is in! Fans have been waiting years for this! At first, there was talks about doing the second series without Kate – but, obviously, nobody wanted that. Get ready for La Reina […]

Guerra De Idolos Moved to Saturdays After Ratings Flop

“Guerra De Idolos” is gone…kind of. The new series has already been pulled by Telemundo. The ratings were abismal from the start despite the big publicity push the network gave it. The show’s scheduled one-hour primetime slot of weekdays at 9pm has been moved to Saturdays from 9-11pm. In its place “La Querida Del Centauro” […]