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Susana Gonzalez Says She Will Not Be Disrespected by Niurka Marcos

Susana Gonzalez is not going to let Niurka Marcos disrespect her…especially on stage. Niurka had said the she is the best Aventurera and that Susana is nowhere near as good. Both actresses are taking over the roles, taking turns, and sharing the stage. Of Niurka’s words, Susana said “Elena Tejero la voy a interpretar yo, […]

Susana Gonzalez Frontrunner For Playing Maria Felix

Now that the Maria Felix biopic is headed for production, there are plenty of talks about who is going to play her. The search is on for the actress that will take on the role of the legendary icon. Susana Gonzalez is the frontrunner at the moment – with rumors that she would be the […]

Aventurera Role Goes to Five Actresses

“Aventurera” has chosen it’s lead protagonist in its new phase that will go live in February – actually, FIVE actresses got the role. The iconic character will be played on rotation by different actresses we all know well. Susana Gonzalez will kick off the show and then, down the line, Niurka Marcos, Itati Cantoral, and […]

Susana Gonzalez Cancels Aventurera Debut Over Illness

The new Aventurera is sick! Susana Gonzalez has put off the rehearsals for the musical because she has come down with bronchopneumonia. Actually, she won’t be able to make her debut in the show! The producers are scurrying to find someone to replace her while she gets better! As of now, there is no timeframe […]

Mayrin Villanueva Not Bothered That Husband is Working With His Ex

After news broke out last week that Susana Gonzalez was joining “Aventurera”, everyone wondered what it would be like for her to work with ex-boyfriend Eduardo Santamarina. She said they would simply have a work relationship. Well, that was her answer…but what does his wife, Mayrin Villanueva, have to say about all of this??? Mayrin […]