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Cayetano Martinez Cries Remembering Duchess of Alba

The Duchess of Alba died back in November, but the pain is still clear and visible in the eyes of her son. Cayetano Martinez was on hand at the opening of an art gallery all about the duchess – and when talking about his mom he couldn’t control the emotions. His eyes filled with tears […]

Salma Hayek Honored For Fighting For Women’s Rights

Salma Hayek received an award…and not just any award…and at the hands of not just anyone! She was recognized in Spain for her contributions in the fights for women’s rights by “Woman” magazine. Queen Letizia handed her the award and Salma responded in a personal and friendly manner by saying: “It’s been an honor to […]

Queen Letizia Debuts New Look

She’s got a new look! Queen Letizia showed up to an event with a brand new do and we love it!! The angular style is fresh and modern and up with the times! Do you like??

King Felipe on Cover of Gay Magazine

King Felipe is on the cover of a gay magazine. No, this isn’t a coming out story – he’s just simply showing his support for the homosexual community by posing for “RAGAP”. This is the first time that a high ranking Spanish official decides to showcase themselves on the cover of a gay mag.

Duchess of Alba Secret Will to be Opened Soon

The Duchess of Alba gave us plenty to talk about in life…and she is still doing it in death. In 1973 she walked into her Madrid notary’s office and handed him a sealed envelope. Alongside were five witnesses. The world’s most titled noblewoman said the envelope contained a will, but that