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Queen Letizia’s Grandfather Passes Away

Queen Letizia is in mourning. Her grandfather has passed away at the age of 98. He was at his ranch Saturday and checked himself into the hospital because he wasn’t feeling well – and never made it out. The queen has canceled all of her public appearances for now to be with her loved ones. […]

Angelica Rivera and Queen Letizia Make Hola Cover

Angelica Rivera and Queen Letizia on the cover of “Hola” together. No, it isn’t a posed photograph, but it could very well be. The Spanish Royals visited Mexico this past week and Mexico’s President and First Lady spent plenty of time with them during their stay. Politics aside, everyone focused on the fashion face-off between […]

Princess Leonor First Communion Turned Into Major Magazine Interest

Everything she does gets documented for the world to see!! Princess Leonor celebrated her First Communion and it made magazine covers!! “Hola” actually dedicated a whole feature to everything that happened before, during, and after. Can’t be easy, but she looks beautiful.

Cayetano Martinez Cries Remembering Duchess of Alba

The Duchess of Alba died back in November, but the pain is still clear and visible in the eyes of her son. Cayetano Martinez was on hand at the opening of an art gallery all about the duchess – and when talking about his mom he couldn’t control the emotions. His eyes filled with tears […]

Salma Hayek Honored For Fighting For Women’s Rights

Salma Hayek received an award…and not just any award…and at the hands of not just anyone! She was recognized in Spain for her contributions in the fights for women’s rights by “Woman” magazine. Queen Letizia handed her the award and Salma responded in a personal and friendly manner by saying: “It’s been an honor to […]