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Queen Letizia Has a Quick Catch Up Moment With Little Girl in Spain

Queen Letizia is showing that she really is the people’s royal in Spain. She traveled to Oviedo for an official event where thousands lined up to catch a glimpse of Leti. When she was walking down and waving to everyone she noticed one young girl, smiled, and approached her to give her a kiss on […]

King Felipe Enjoys 11 Euro Buffet

Most royal folk tend to live lavishly but Spain’s King Felipe is trying to change that little by little. He ate at a hole-in-a-wall restaurant after having participated in a fancy high-society event. The king wasn’t there taking publicity photos – he simply enjoyed the 11 euro buffet. When the king was done he was […]

Rafael Nadal and King Juan Carlos Dine Out Together

A tennis superstar and a king go out to eat…sounds like the beginning of a joke but it’s not. Rafael Nadal and King Juan Carlos of Spain dined together after the Rafa won in an important tennis match in Madrid. The two ate at Rafael’s restaurant – which he owns with Pau Gasol and Enrique […]

Queen Letizia Knows The Value of a Good Photo

The Queen of Spain…just like us! The Spanish royals visited the city of Salamanca. After their official duties, they walked around the city center to greet their people. Queen Letizia walked by waving to everyone and noticed one particular lady wanting something. She went over and asked what she wanted – and the lady simply […]

Spanish Royals Bring in Easter Looking Casual

Picture perfect! The Spanish Royals did Easter – but most certainly not over the top. Leonor and Sofia are basically the same height and neither went with a dress this year. Queen Letizia also opted for pants. The royal subjects dressed casually while still maintaining the spirit of the holiday.