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Duchess of Alba Secret Will to be Opened Soon

The Duchess of Alba gave us plenty to talk about in life…and she is still doing it in death. In 1973 she walked into her Madrid notary’s office and handed him a sealed envelope. Alongside were five witnesses. The world’s most titled noblewoman said the envelope contained a will, but that

King Juan Carlos Biopic El Rey Ready For Premiere

We have a feeling most of Spain will be glued to their TVs tonight. The miniseries “El Rey” is set to make its debut tonight on Telecinco. The tree-part series is a biopic on King Juan Carlos‘ life – from his childhood all the way to his reign over the Spanish country. This should be […]

King Felipe and Queen Letizia Are Cool With Selfies

King Felipe and Queen Letizia visited the region of La Rioja in Spain and we could tell you about all of the royal things they did – but we won’t. Instead, we will tell you that they were bombarded by a bunch of young kids wanting, what else, selfies!! The king and queen gladly smiled […]

Queen Letizia Gets Simpson Makeover Thanks to Italian Artist

Queen Letizia has gone Simpson! The Spanish Queen was given a makeover courtesy of Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo. He says he admires Letizia’s ‘strength and determination’ among other qualities. Now we want to see her in a clip with Homer!!

Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia Said to be Divorcing

Could it be?? Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” reported that King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain are headed for a divorce!! Apparently, the king’s stepping down was just the beginning of this process. As of now there hasn’t been any official word on this story.