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Spanish Royals Bring in Easter Looking Casual

Picture perfect! The Spanish Royals did Easter – but most certainly not over the top. Leonor and Sofia are basically the same height and neither went with a dress this year. Queen Letizia also opted for pants. The royal subjects dressed casually while still maintaining the spirit of the holiday.

Queen Letizia Takes Incognito Walk Without Getting Recognized

That lady looks just like the queen…that’s because she IS the queen! Spain’s Queen Letizia bundled up with a coat and a scarf to enjoy a walk in Madrid amongst the citizens of the country. The chilly weather allowed for her to go incognito and nobody recognized her as she strolled the streets like everybody […]

Premios Princesa de Asturias Kick Off in Spain

King Felipe and Queen Letizia stepped in to kick off the first ever Premios Princesa de Asturias. This award show will recognize and honor excellence in Spain in the fields of science, culture, and philanthropy. Since the event is called Premios Princesa de Asturias – it’s actually Princess Leonor that should be heading them, but […]

Queen Letizia Not Looking For Baby Number Three…For Now

Queen Letizia knows what she wants and doesn’t want! Her Royal Highness attended and event for kids and even held a baby in her arms – which prompted someone to ask her if she was interested in having a third child. She said: “De momento, no”. Her answer was pretty clear though it does leave […]

King Felipe Visits Georgetown Twenty Years After Studying There

Talk about a blast from the past for King Felipe! More than twenty years ago, he studied at Georgetown University…and here he is visiting once again, this time with Queen Letizia by his side. The royals are in the US and Felipe got to spend time at his old alma mater. Two decades ago, he […]