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King Felipe Visits Georgetown Twenty Years After Studying There

Talk about a blast from the past for King Felipe! More than twenty years ago, he studied at Georgetown University…and here he is visiting once again, this time with Queen Letizia by his side. The royals are in the US and Felipe got to spend time at his old alma mater. Two decades ago, he […]

King Felipe Gets Back to Work Shaking Hands With Athletes

It’s back to work for King Felipe. He had been enjoying his vacation for quite some time and took off from his royal responsibilities for a good part of the summer. Now he is back in action, as we see in the pic, shaking hands with the Spanish basketball team. If you can call wishing […]

Queen Letizia Shocks With Transparent Top

Her royal highness is getting daring!! Queen Letizia attended a dinner on Wednesday evening and upon leaving caught everyone’s attention – more than ever. She wore a transparent black top that toyed with the reveal of her black bra. No, it’s not like she’s going all JLo on us, but it’s certainly risqué for the […]

Queen Letizia’s Grandfather Passes Away

Queen Letizia is in mourning. Her grandfather has passed away at the age of 98. He was at his ranch Saturday and checked himself into the hospital because he wasn’t feeling well – and never made it out. The queen has canceled all of her public appearances for now to be with her loved ones. […]

Angelica Rivera and Queen Letizia Make Hola Cover

Angelica Rivera and Queen Letizia on the cover of “Hola” together. No, it isn’t a posed photograph, but it could very well be. The Spanish Royals visited Mexico this past week and Mexico’s President and First Lady spent plenty of time with them during their stay. Politics aside, everyone focused on the fashion face-off between […]