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Princesa Leonor On a Coin But Does It Really Look Like Her

Princesa Leonor is being honored with her face on a coin…but people are saying it looks nothing like her. Asturias is celebrating 1300 years and to bring in such a big number, the Spanish government has released a coin with both King Felipe and Princesa Leonor’s image. The public is saying they captured Felipe perfectly, […]

Queen Letizia Wears Queen Sofia Favorite Crown as Peace Offering

Have Queen Letizia and Queen Sofia made up?? After an awkward dispute a few weeks ago that was caught on camera, Sofia and Letizia have seemingly made up. They were both seen in public smiling and getting along just fine…but some are saying that it is all acting to have people think all is OK. […]

Queen Letizia Gets Jeers From Crowd After Queen Sofia Dispute

Queen Letizia is getting some pushback from her people. The royal made her first public appearance since having an apparent public dispute with Queen Sofia. Letizia showed up to an event and a crowd was waiting for her and they chanted “Antipática. Maleducada. ¡Te falta mucho, guapa!” The media reports that she was shocked to […]

Queen Letizia Protecting Her Children or Disrespecting Queen Sofia

Queen Letizia versus her mother-in-law Queen Sofia?! There is a video showing a tense moment between her and Queen Sofia – in which Letizia is preventing her mother-in-law from allowing ‘intrusive media’ to photograph Princesses Leonor and Sofia at the Easter Mass service, according to a friend. The clip appeared to show a very awkward […]

Spanish Royal Christmas Photo From Back in October

The Spanish Royals have sent out their Christmas cards. King Felipe, Queen Letizia, and Princesses Leonor and Sofía – all together in one pic to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. While the image is a nice depiction of family and union. it seems they got lazy this year. The photograph actually was taken back in […]