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Sofia Vergara Son Hosting Premios Juventud

Who’s hosting Premios Juventud?? Manolo Vergara is! Yes, Sofia Vergara‘s son is hosting the award show this time around. It’s an interesting choice considering he doesn’t have much experience hosting. He is, however, hilarious on social media. This is definitely a risk! Let’s see how he does!

Sofia Vergara Fans Question Boobs in Social Media Pic

Sofia Vergara is the current butt of jokes, or shall we say boob of jokes, right now. The actress posted a photo on social media and her fans immediately noticed something odd in the pic. Her breasts look very different from each other…the right one all round and perky and the left one not visible. […]

Sofia Vergara New Style For Vanity Fair Oscar Party

No, Sofia Vergara was not at the Oscars but she was at the parties! The reason we bring her up is because she is finally doing more than just mermaid dresses. For a few years she was stuck giving the same look and went from red carpet hottie to fashion predictability. Well, she’s finally trying […]

Sofia Vergara Surprised With Detail on Joe Manganiello Suit

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello attended the “Star Wars” premiere…and he had a nice surprise for her. He wore a plaid suit on the red carpet and later showed her a detail on the lining of the collar. Tucked underneath was a message that said “I Love Sofia” in red stitching. She loved it so […]

Teresa Giudice Says Sofia Vergara Was a Bitch to Her

Teresa Giudice says Sofia Vergara acted like a “bitch” to her during a photo-op. At a panel, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star said that her publicist had set up a pic with Sofia. When the two posed, Teresa says Sofia stepped in front of her to steal the spotlight. Then she was heard […]