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Sofia Vergara Has Wedding Date in Mind

Sofia Vergara has been busy planning her dream wedding with Joe Manganiello. E! News caught up with the Colombian beauty and she told them, “It’s going,” when asked how the wedding planning is going so far. “You know it takes time,” she adds. “It’s gonna be something very important for me, so we’re trying to […]

Sofia Vergara Executive Producing and Starring in Animated Film Coati

LatinWE has announced the start of the production of the movie “Coatí”. The animated action film has an ecological message, with a central Latino focus, and tells the fun story and adventures of the cute character named Coatí, inspired by the animal of Central and South America. Animators, illustrators, and screenwriters from “Río 2″, “The […]

Sofia Vergara in New Comedy Film Hot Pursuit – TRAILER

Sofia Vergara stars in a new movie – this time with Reese Witherspoon. Reese plays a strict boring police officer and Sofia plays the wife of a drug kingpin that she must protect! It actually looks cute if you’re into silly comedies and buddy buddy films. CLICK HERE to see the trailer!

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Picture Perfect at SAG Awards

So damn picture perfect!! Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello together at the SAG Awards. She proudly showed off the engagement ring and he showed her off!

Sofia Vergara Engagement Ring Reportedly Over Six Carats

Sofia Vergara got engaged to Joe Manganiello and the ring he gave her is blinding! Everyone had been waiting to see it and now it has been spotted. Experts say the diamond ring is over six carats. She’s got the man and the ring. We’re sure this piece of jewelry is not from her Kmart […]