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Silvia Pinal Could be Losing Her Memory

Is Silvia Pinal suffering from memory loss or worse?? A source told ‘TVNotas’ that the actress is going around saying that she never gave authorization to anyone to do a series about her life. Because of this, she doesn’t even want to see it. However, it’s being said that Silvia signed a contract with Televisa […]

Enrique Guzman Reveals Silvia Pinal Wanted to Abort Alejandra Guzman

Enrique Guzman gave a shocking revelation about Silvia Pinal and Alejandra Guzman on “Hoy.” He said Silvia was going to abort Alejandra when she was pregnant with her. The actor commented “Cuando estaba Silvia embarazada de Alejandra quiso abortar, pero no se lo permití. Le dije: ‘vamos a casarnos, vamos a hacer lo que sea, […]

Silvia Pinal Hurt and Sad Her Series Got Canceled

So how did Silvia Pinal react when she found out that her biopic series on Televisa was canceled before it got off the ground? We heard she took it real personal and producer Carla Estrada confirms that news, saying: “En un principio estuvo muy molesta, triste y dolida, se sentía como un poco agredida, dice […]

Silvia Pinal Biopic Series CANCELED

The Silvia Pinal series about the actress’ life has been canceled. Producer Carla Estrada has informed the cast and crew that the show has been put off. Televisa just wasn’t interested in it after all. The production was flanked with controversy…starting with the casting and even Silvia’s ex wanting money to be mentioned in it. […]

Enrique Guzman Wants 35K to be Named in Silvia Pinal Biopic

Enrique Guzman did not want his name or likeness to be used in the Silvia Pinal biopic, but now he changed his mind – as long as he gets paid! He was very clear that he would sue if Silvia and the production team included a character similar to him in the storyline. Now he’s […]