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Gabriel Soto and Silvia Navarro to be Onscreen Couple

Silvia Navarro and Gabriel Soto will be an onscreen couple. They will be the leads in the novela “Nadie Mas En El Mundo” – which starts to shoot now. Apparently, it’s the Mexican version of the Argentine novela “Amar Después de Amar” The show will shoot in Mexico City and Acapulco. Gabriel beat out Julian […]

Silvia Navarro Shows Off Son Leon For Holidays

Silvia Navarro is sporadically sharing pics of her son Leon – and it seems to match with holidays. First, she posted a pic around Day of the Dead…and now one around Christmas. That’s the cutest reindeer we’ve seen in a while! Expect to see Leon next around Valentine’s Day.

Silvia Navarro Wanted Another Name For Her Son

Choosing the name for your baby isn’t easy…and it’s a BIG decision. We love Silvia Navarro‘s son’s name – Leon. Different without being some random word, and it evokes power. However, the actress told “Televisa Espectaculos” that she wanted to name her baby ‘Dante’! The boy’s father wanted ‘Leon’ and she joked that since he’s […]

Silvia Navarro Reveals Baby Boy’s Face

There he is!! Silvia Navarro has finally revealed her Leon‘s face! Actually, she did it in a very cute way. She reunited with the kid cast of “Mi Corazon Es Tuyo” and commented that there was an addition to the family. Cute that she maintains contact with them and that they still feel like a […]

Silvia Navarro Shares First But Blurry Pic of Baby Boy

Here’s the first pic! We said first, not great. Silvia Navarro published the first photo of her baby since becoming a mom. She is standing by the ocean with her son in her hands and she caption the shot “León” – we assume that’s the baby’s name. It’s a blurry shot but something is something.