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Sherlyn Not Hiding Her New Man Anymore

Sherlyn and her new man are not hiding anymore. She is dating journalist Francisco Zea. At first, they were keeping things under wraps…but not it’s all out there. The actress posted this photo on social media, saying “Después de todo lo único que importa es que tu mirada me diga que me amas y te […]

Sherlyn Should be Divorced Next Week

Sherlyn is about to become a divorced woman. She revealed that she and her still husband will sign the papers next week. Sherlyn says that because they it will be quick since they are doing it with ‘love and respect’. The couple got married THREE times – does that mean three divorce docs?

Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazan Pick Sherlyn as Godmother

They picked Sherlyn. Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazan will soon baptize their daughter Alexa Miranda, and they picked the actress to be the godmother. She told “Pasillo TV” that she is so grateful for the honor. The baptism will take place February 13th.

Sherlyn and Husband Respond to Gay Claims by Magazine

“TV Notas” has published a story indicating that Sherlyn‘s husband, Gerardo Islas, is gay. They claim that the couple has separated because of his true sexual orientation. Well, they have both responded to the magazine on Twitter. He is upset and will take legal action against the publication, saying: “Que te señalen por tu sexo […]

Sherlyn Admits Problems in Her Marriage

Sherlyn isn’t being cryptic about her marriage problems anymore. She is flat out saying that things are bad and that it’s basically over. Sherlyn told “El Gordo y La Flaca”: “Muy mal en mi matrimonio. Fue un niño con quien compartí muchas cosas padrísimas, somos buenos amigos. Mentiría si dijera que las cosas están bien.” […]