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Sherlyn is Single Again

The wedding is cancelled this time. Sherlyn has confirmed that she is no longer with Francisco Zea. The actress said it has been a few months since she’s been single. She also said she does want to fall in love again, but right now she’s in a healing wants to heal.

Sherlyn and Francisco Zea Deny Canceling Wedding

Did Sherlyn and Francisco Zea cancel their wedding?? It’s being said that the actress and the journalist have put off their wedding and that things are rocky in their relationship. BUT, Francisco is denying the rumors. He says they are as happy as can be and that Sherlyn and his daughters are busy planning the […]

Sherlyn Interviewed by Her Boyfriend

Sherlyn was interviewed by her boyfriend Francisco Zea and the conversation might make you ill because it’s so lovey dovey. The motive of the chat was because she is promoting two theater shows she is currently in. She’s been doing promo all over…and it was her bf’s turn for the interview. She said “Es raro […]

Sherlyn New Boyfriend Has Daughter That Looks Just Like Her

Sherlyn let everyone know that she is indeed dating Francisco Zea. She even posted a photo of the two of them locking lips on social media. Francisco is a journalist who is very proud of his family – posting pics with his loved ones just like any proud dad. However, closer inspection on his profile […]

Sherlyn Not Hiding Her New Man Anymore

Sherlyn and her new man are not hiding anymore. She is dating journalist Francisco Zea. At first, they were keeping things under wraps…but not it’s all out there. The actress posted this photo on social media, saying “Después de todo lo único que importa es que tu mirada me diga que me amas y te […]