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Elin Ortiz Passed Away

Elin Ortiz has passed away. This after a nine year battle with Alzheimer disease. His wife, Charytin, shared the following words on social media: Mi adorado esposo Elin Ortiz…mi compañero de vida por varias décadas, quien me dio tanto y tanto amor y protección partió al cielo! Estoy en una profunda tristeza al igual que […]

Shalim Ortiz Lives to Tell Story About Worst Flight of His Life

Poor Shalim Ortiz. He was on a flight from Miami to Bogota and when suddenly the plane dropped unexpectedly due to turbulence. Oh, did we mention that he is a nervous flyer? The actor got to calm his nerves with the help of the flight attendants who allowed him to sit in the bulkhead with […]

Shalim Ortiz, David Chocarro, Julian Gil, Others in Rat Pack Latino

What’s this?? Several Latin actors have come together on a project called “Rat Pack Latino” – which is a play on the original Rat Pack crew which included Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, and others. This new version is made up of Shalim Ortiz, David Chocarro, Julian Gil, Isaac Sauvignon, Hector […]

Shalim Ortiz Shares Pic of Twins Evan and Nicholas

This is too freakin’ cute! Shalim Ortiz with his twin boys!! The actor and his mother, Charytin Goyco, shared pics and anecdotes with “People En Español” about Evan and Nicholas. Shalim has twin siblings so it obviously runs in the fam – and the double tradition continues with these two adorable babies!

Shalim Ortiz Twins Are Here

Yayyyy! Shalim Ortiz and wife Lesley Ann Machado have just expanded their family again!! They told “People En Español” that their twin boys Evan and Nicholas were born!! Welcome to this crazy world, Evan and Nicholas!