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Shakira in Middle of Computer Virus Phishing Scam

This will serve as a news story AND an alert! There is currently a phishing scam that is going around the Internet that is wiping out the memories of many computers and destroying hard drives left and right…AND it involves Shakira. A fake news link from “El Universal” that promises to lead to exclusive images […]

Shakira Confirms Second Pregnancy on Cover of Cosmopolitan

She’s pregnant!! Shakira has revealed that she is pregnant on the cover of “Cosmopolitan”. She told the magazine “Yes, I’m pregnant.” This is her second pregnancy. Congrats to Shaki and Gerard Pique!!

Shakira Song Loca Broke Copyright Laws According to Judge

Judge Alvin Hellerstein said Shakira‘s Spanish-language version of “Loca” in 2010 had infringed on a song by Dominican singer Ramon Arias Vazquez. Her English language version of “Loca” – which featured Dizzee Rascal – was “not offered into evidence” at the trial. However, the Spanish language version – a collaboration with Eduard Edwin Bello Pou, […]

Shakira Named The Sexiest by Men’s Health

She topped the list! “Men’s Health” has released a list of the sexiest women and Shakira has taken the #1 spot! That’s right, the magazine has proclaimed that Shaki is the sexiest of the sexiest. Do you agree??

Shakira Pregnancy Rumors Everywhere and Stronger in Colombia

So, Shakira…pregnant?? The media is speculating right now big time when it comes to the Colombian singer expecting another baby. Some say she has been giving hints during interviews and others just flat out point out that she looked bigger than normal during her performance at the closing of the World Cup. Well, several news […]