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Shakira is the Most Liked on Facebook

Shakira is #1! Well, on Facebook at least! She is the most ‘liked’ person the social media network with 86.3 million likes! Just in time for the release of her new album.

Shakira’s Son Milan Starts Playing The Drums

Too cute! Sure all babies show their talents from the start, but it is different when your mom is a superstar singer and dad is a superstar soccer player. Shakira‘s son, Milan, is seen in this dark video playing drums with his mom. Dare we say he actually holds a beat. CLICK HERE to see […]

Shakira a Bride in New Music Video

Shakira dressed as a bride! That’s what we all get to see in her new music video “Empire”. Shakira in all white and we wonder if this is perhaps a sign for her baby daddy?? Hmmm.

Shakira Wants Eight or Nine Kids

Shakira is on the cover of the latest issue of “Latina”. In the interview with the mag she admits that her busy work schedule has put plans for a second baby on hold for now. She said: “If it weren’t because of my music projects, I would be pregnant already. I would love to have […]

Shakira Finally Takes Milan to Colombia

Shakira did some good in Colombia again. She flew with her son, Milan, to the opening of a school she raised money to establish. We knew she had the school in plans but what we didn’t realize is that this is the first time that Milan visits Colombia! He’s over a year old and just […]