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Shakira Remembers Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Shakira knew Gabriel Garcia Marquez personally and she shared an emotional message for him on social media. She said: “Dear Gabo, one time you said that life is not the one that you live, instead it’s the one that you remember and how you remember it to share it…We remember your life, dear Gabo, like […]

Shakira Dreams of Becoming First Lady of Barcelona

Shakira dreams of being the First Lady…but not of Colombia or Spain. She envisions her man, Gerard Pique, as the President of Barcelona soccer team so she wants to be the First Lady of Barça. When talking to “Bocas” about her new projects, she brought up this idea she has for the future. Wonder of […]

Shakira Sings Medicine With Blake Shelton at ACM Awards

Shakira at a Country music event?? YEP! The Colombian singer performed “Medicine” with Blake Shelton at the Academy of Country Music Awards and the performance was topnotch! CLICK HERE to watch!!

Shakira in a Wedding Dress on Flames in Empire Music Video

We told you Shakira would be sporting a wedding dress in her next video and here it is! What we didn’t know is that she would be in all white and covered in flames! CLICK HERE to see the “Empire” video.

Shakira is the Most Liked on Facebook

Shakira is #1! Well, on Facebook at least! She is the most ‘liked’ person the social media network with 86.3 million likes! Just in time for the release of her new album.