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Shakira and Maluma Do it Again With Clandestino

Shakira and Maluma are back together again! The Colombian superstars teamed up to warm up the summer with the release of “Clandestino.” The song begins with a reggae beat and intensifies with reggaeton sounds. They had a huge hit with “Chantaje”, let’s see how this one goes. Check it out and tell us what you […]

Shakira House Broken Into While She is On Tour

Shakira‘s house in Spain was broken into! The singer is on tour, currently with her fans in Germany, and Gerard Pique flew there to be with her on the kickoff of her concerts. They two of them shared photos and video on social media – and that was, perhaps, what motivated some thieves to hit […]

Shakira and Gerard Pique Spotted on Date Perhaps on Purpose

Shakira and Gerard Pique have decided it’s OK to let everyone see – their going on a date. The couple, who have been the center of separation rumors for quite some time, decided to have a night out on the town. They hit up a restaurant in Barcelona and took a stroll after. Shak and […]

Shakira Loses Loca Lawsuit

Shakira lost a lawsuit to Eduardo E. Bello, better known as El Cata, who says the song “Loca” was written by him. He released the song in 2007 as “Loca con su tigre” and in 2010, Shak made her own version. “Hoy en día me pertenece y me ha costado estar fuera de mi trabajo […]

Shakira Reports Paparazzi for Harassment

Shakira has reported a paparazzi for harassment. She says the photographer constantly follows her around – and is an ever-present figure no matter where she is going in Barcelona. Shak is especially upset that he also is after her kids when they are on their way to school. The Colombian singer says her entire family […]