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Shakira Baby Shower to Benefit UNICEF

Shakira is soon to give birth but not without doing some good first. She shared this pic and accompanied it with the following message: “Our second son arrives soon. We invite you to join our #WorldBabyShower for @UNICEF at /// Nuestro segundo hijo llegará pronto. Participen en el #WorldBabyShower con #UNICEF” That’s pretty awesome […]

Shakira Recorded Song With Iggy Azalea

Is this duo happening?? Word is that Shakira has a song on her upcoming album with Iggy Azalea! We’re having a hard time imagining it since they work in different genres but they caught our interest. So now we await the Shaki and Iggy track! You??

Shakira and Mana Take in Soccer Game Together

Shakira and the guys of Mana got to hang out some, but no, not in a recording studio. They went to see the soccer match between FC Barcelona and Sevilla. Ummm, Shaki recently said that she would love to work with Mana on music. They BETTER have talked about that during this little outing!

Shakira Would Love To Work With Mana

Almost any artist would love to work with Shakira – but who does she want to work with?? Shaki chatted virtually with her fans and was asked this very question. The Colombian singer said she would love to collaborate with Mana. YES! Let’s make this happen!!! Hello, Mana??!

Shakira Strips in White Strips Commercial

Shakira stripping in a commercial?? Yes, but not really. The Colombian songstress is the face of a brand of white strips so she strips in the ad for it. Get it, strip?? Anyway, she doesn’t take off much. Don’t get too excited. CLICK HERE to see!