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Shakira Accused of Bad Photoshop

Shakira is being accused of bad photoshop. She has posted a pic to promote a new perfume but many are focusing on the retouch of the pic rather than the fragrance. Fans point out that her neck, head, and left arm look off. Many of her followers are disappointed in her saying she doesn’t need […]

Shakira and Gerard Pique Finally Post Pic Together

Want more proof that Shakira and Gerard Pique are still together?? Here it is!! She first showed up on his Instagram stories – when he crashed her world tour rehearsal. Now, Shaki and Pique are together on a pic…one that he titled mask shopping. To be fair, the couple has not posted a photo together […]

Gerard Pique Shuts Down Split Rumors at Shakira Rehearsal

There is a rumor going around about the split between Shakira and Gerard Pique. Some media outlets are even going as far as to confirm the news! Well, the soccer star might have shut them all up…for now. He posted a video at Shaki’s rehearsal and it’s as if all is normal. We hope so, […]

Gerard Pique Posts Family Pic to Prove All is Good

Gerard Pique is fighting back separation rumors with Instagram. It’s being said that he and Shakira have hit a rough patch and that things are strained between them – well, none of that may be true if Gerard’s social media is to be believed. He posted this photo of Shak with their two kids, Milan […]

Shakira and Nicky Jam Do a Little Dance to Celebrate New Single

How to you temporarily own the Internet?? If you’re Shakira and Nicky Jam you simply dance. The music superstars have put up a video on Instagram moving their hips and it’s all anyone can talk about. They say they are simply celebrating the creation of their joint single “Perro Fiel” – and we’re all celebrating […]