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Shakira Sings on Instagram Despite Vocal Chord Issues

Shakira surprised her fans with a social media performance of sorts. She was forced to cancel her world tour due to vocal chord problems – so her voice has been at rest. However, Shak got on the mic to sing some for her fans on Instagram. Hey…it’s something! A post shared by Shakira (@shakira) on […]

Shakira Fans Deciphering New Video For Possible Surprise

Shakira fans are trying to figure out if she is dropping hints on them. The singer posted a quick gif on social media – a black and white image of her that is over before you even realize it begins. Shak had to cancel her world tour because she wasn’t feeling well, could this video […]

Shakira Accused of Evading Millions in Tax in Spain

Shakira could face jail and a tax bill of “several dozen million dollars” after reportedly being accused of evasion. As you know, she spends part of her time in Spain and there are reports that authorities want to probe her 2011-14 finances. They said she should have paid tax on worldwide earnings. State prosecution chiefs […]

Shakira and Gerard Pique Dress Alike to Prove Still Together

There are STILL talks about Shakira and Gerard Pique splitting up – so this is what they did. The two posed together for a picture for social media dressed the same. The couple in black tops, black pants, and red sneakers. So, not only a photo of the two of them…but also dressed alike!! A […]

Shakira and Pique Attack Separation Rumors With Public Kiss

If there was any doubt that Shakira and Pique aren’t together…here you go! The couple and their kids enjoyed a game of basketball – watching The Knicks in New York. Shak and Piq have been up against the wall with rumors about their split, so what better way to squash those separation talks than to […]