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Sergio Mayer Says He Did Not Make Alejandro Fernandez Throw Up

Alejandro Fernandez blamed a cheap tequila for his running off stage to throw up a few days ago – and some people think Sergio Mayer is responsible. There is video that shows El Potrillo saying hello to some people in the front row and then receiving a shot of tequila. The Internet is pointing out […]

Sergio Mayer Denies Paty Manterola Claims That He Never Sang

It’s 2017 and, believe it or not, we’re talking about Garibaldi. In a recent interview, Paty Manterola revealed that neither Sergio Mayer or Charly Lopez sang in the Pop group that dominated in the late 80s and early 90s. She stated that both of them used playback to ‘sing’ along with the other members. Sergio […]

Sergio Mayer Says Things Between Son and Baby Mama Are Better

Sergio Mayer spoke to the press about his son and his grandson on the way – and wants everyone to know that things are civil now. Regarding Sergio Mayer Mori’s relationship with Natalia Subtil, he says there was never any war so there was no need for a peace treaty. He said that as the […]

Barbara Mori and Sergio Mayer’s Grandchild Makes Social Media Debut

Here it is…the belly that is holding Barbara Mori and Sergio Mayer‘s grandchild. Natalia Subtil is the Brazilian model and baby mama/ex-girlfriend of Sergio Mayer Mori and she is showing off her growing body on social media. She is three months pregnant and says some days her belly is bigger than others. Natalia seems to […]

Sergio Mayer Will Not Support Son Financially

Sergio Mayer is not going to foot the bills for his son. This week it was revealed that his and Barbara Mori‘s teenage son got his 28-year-old ex-girlfriend pregnant. Sergio Mayer Mori has decided to pull the plug on his quest for musical stardom to take care of the baby – and he better get […]