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Sergio Mayer Diagnosed With Virus That Affects Hearing Loss

Sergio Mayer says he was this close to losing his hearing. He went to the hospital with a pain in his ear and doctors said he arrived just in time. They diagnosed him with a virus that, if not treated immediately, could cause him to lose his hearing. He said “Me mandaron unos medicamentos porque […]

Sergio Mayer Defends Himself From Political Interest

Sergio Mayer has been designated ‘coordinador de organización del distrito 6 federal en Magdalena Conteras por Morena’ – which essentially sets him up for a political position and future. Many people are not happy about this. The biggest complaint is that he has no experience in politics and should simply stick to entertainment. Sergio clapped […]

Sergio Mayer Responds to Nasty Texts Between Son and Baby Mama

There is still drama between Sergio Mayer Mori and baby mama Natalia Subtil – and Sergio Mayer Sr is adding his two cents about it. Natalia published texts between her and Sergio Jr – and in one message he questioned why she had the baby. His exact words were “No sé ni para qué quisiste […]

Sergio Mayer Gives Refuge to Son’s Baby Mama and Child

Sergio Mayer Mori‘s baby mama lost her home in the earthquake that devastated Mexico City on September 19th. Natalia Subtil was at home bathing her daughter, Mila, when the quake happened. She grabbed her baby and ran out of the building – unable to return because of the collapsing walls and ceilings. She was essentially […]

Sergio Mayer Says Son Not Qualified For Solo Para Mujeres

The cast for Solo Para Mujeres has been revealed and it includes David Zepeda, Jorge Aravena, Latin Lover, Eleazar Gomez, among others. When asked if his son would be considered for the project, Sergio Mayer said no and explained that they want people with a career and his son doesn’t have it. “Mi hijo, que […]